“I have served NYC Parks for nearly eight years and in this role I have recruited and placed hundreds of people in various positions throughout the Agency and City. I would count Ms. Higgins as one of the strongest and most grounded employees I have worked with during this time.”

– Paul, Chief of Staff, Dept. of Parks & Recreation, New York, NY 2016

“Being an Indian where yoga comes from, I sincerely feel Sandi has knowledge and a way to transform other people’s lives.”

– Priyank, Hatha Yoga Student, NY College of Health Professions, New York, NY 2017

“Sandi’s classes are very informative and practical at the same time… a good work out for my body and a lot of nourishment for my soul.”

– Shahlo, Hatha Yoga Student, NY College of Health Professions, New York, NY 2017

“Sandi is a dedicated yoga teacher who taught Yoga at Parks as a part of the Bergen County Health Initiative. The Park patrons who participated in her series appreciated her ability to interpret Ashtanga Yoga and make the practice such a joyful experience.”

– Ron, Assistant Director, Dept. of Parks & Recreation, Bergen County, NJ 2018

“Sandi’s classes are authentic, precise, and thoughtful.”

– Lexi, Regional Fitness Manager, Colorado Athletic Club, Boulder, CO 2019

“In California I became a yoga addict (Ashtanga) at first class and practiced religiously for two years. Upon moving to Colorado, I never found a teacher that really clicked, and yoga was booming so I had many styles to choose from.  So while I went through the motions my practice suffered. Span 13 years into the future and I walk into the breath of fresh air that is Sandi Higgins. I realized what I had been missing. Many can walk you through poses, but Sandi’s in-depth knowledge of body and specific verbal cues helped me achieve nuances during my practice that had been missing, and the time would fly by. And if you’re the type of person that likes adjustments and assisted depth in a pose she has the expertise and compassion to guide with comfort. She’s also knowledgeable about the extensive spiritual side of yoga and a calm, encouraging presence for the meditative aspects.”

– Cher, Ashtanga Yoga, Colorado Athletic Club, Boulder, CO 2019

“The class is great. Sandi is an intuitive instructor.”

– Participant, Sunrise Vinyasa & Sunset Yoga at The Colorado Chautauqua, Boulder, CO 2020

“Sandi is an incredible yoga teacher, among many other things.  We partnered with Sandi in a new health and wellness initiative we started in 2020, and we are so glad we did.  Sandi’s passion for her work shines in everything she does, and most importantly, resonates with all of her followers. We hope to have her back in the near future.”  

– Jason, Director of Operations, The Colorado Chautauqua, Boulder, CO 2020

“I really appreciate the mindfulness and attention to details that Sandi brings to her classes.”

– John, Restorative Yoga, Dept. of Parks & Recreation, Boulder, CO 2021

“Sandi has visited India a couple of times and is fully familiar with the Indian culture. This shows that she did not visit India just as a camera-clicking tourist but she has lived the Indian Arts and Music and felt it from within. Sandi’s dynamic choreography and workouts based upon Hindi, Punjabi, and Spanish music is very inspirational and scintillating. Sandi’s instructional style is highly interactive, which reflects her dancing skills. Her steps, gestures, and expressions, that are important components of Indian dance style, are very authentic and genuine.”

– Sharad, Dancer, Boulder Parks & Recreation, Boulder, CO 2021

 “Sandi’s yoga and dance classes at Parks and Recreation are an incredible addition to our team! She stands out for her energy and compassion.”

– Kate, Health & Wellness Program Coordinator, Dept. of Parks & Recreation, Boulder, CO 2021

“I absolutely love doing BollyX and yoga with Sandi! She is by far my favorite teacher and I try never to miss any of her classes! Having taught and performed North Indian classical and folk dance forms and having studied yoga for 5 decades myself, I feel confident in attesting Sandi’s knowledge and respect for these practices. I truly appreciate the wonderful energy and expertise that Sandi brings to her classes. Her enthusiasm is unmatched and contagious! Great exercise while having the best time ever—don’t miss it!

– Mekhala, Indian Classical Dancer, Dept. of Parks & Recreation, Boulder, CO 2021

“I enjoy Sandi’s graceful and spiritual dancing, beautiful smile, and endless enthusiasm.”

– Buren, Dancer, Dept. of Parks & Recreation, Boulder, CO 2021


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