Restorative Yoga



Complete meditative absorption in a posture comes from the relaxation of effort into a perception of infinity.

– Yoga sūtras of Patañjali II.46

Rest & Restore Yoga

Fridays 6pm at North Boulder Recreation Center (3170 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304)

Members: Free!

Non-Members: $11 drop-in day pass available

Further info, call the NBRC front desk: 303-413-7260

or visit:

* New students, please call the center to check for class substitutions or cancellations.

“At the end of Sandi’s class, I feel rested, rejuvenated, and ready to take on whatever is ahead of me.”

– Shweta, Boulder Parks and Recreation 2020

Photo of silhouette of bird above clouds by Flo Maderebner, Pexels

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