ततः क्लेशकर्मनिवृत्तिः

tataḥ kleśa-karma-nivr̥ttiḥ

Thus ends the afflictions of karma.

– Yoga sūtras of Patañjali IV.30

Sandi’s Meditation classes are for you if you are looking to develop a foundational sitting practice of shamata (peaceful abiding) meditation. Every class offers techniques drawn from Yoga & Buddhism, such as contemplation on the “Four Immeasurables” of maitrī (loving kindness), karuṇā (compassion), mudita (sympathetic joy), and upekṣāṇāṁ (equanimity). No experience necessary and all levels are welcome! If you feel any hesitation about joining a group class, you can start with a private class to get individual attention and familiarity with practice!

“I really appreciate the mindfulness and attention to details that Sandi brings to her classes.”

– John C., Boulder Parks & Recreation
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