Fitness & Film: BollyX The Bollywood Workout and Sita Sings The Blues

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Friday, July 9th 2021

at the

Museum of Boulder

2205 Broadway Boulder, CO 80302

Dance your heart out and burn calories in a BollyX The Bollywood Workout class with Sandi Higgins on the Museum’s Rooftop, then let your eyes and ears feast in a screening of Sita Sings The Blues by filmmaker Nina Paley in the Museum’s Lodge.

5pm-6pm: BollyX The Bollywood Workout Dance class on the Rooftop

6pm-7:30pm: Sita Sings The Blues screening in the Lodge

7:30pm-8pm: Optional post-film discussion and closing meditation in the Lodge

$20/person * Limited spots! Get your ticket now via Eventbrite. * Discounts available for students and those in financial need with code “Student”.

This event is brought to you by Shanti with Sandi Llc and The Museum of Boulder.

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Sita Sings the Blues (2008) is a magnum opus of animation inspired by the ancient Indian epic the Ramayana and the legendary voice of American Jazz Age singer Annette Hanshaw, told through the rebellious vision of Nina Paley, the film’s producer and creator, self-taught animation artist, and free culture activist. A feast for the eyes and the ears, this animated romantic comedy-drama explores the uncanny parallels between the artist’s personal story of a broken marriage and the mythic relationship of Sita and Rama. Filled with nuance, knowledge, irreverence, heartbreak, and humor, Sita Sings the Blues also abounds with delightful song and dance.

BollyX The Bollywood Workout is an invigorating dance-fitness class that draws its inspiration from the diverse music and dance of Bollywood movies. Cycling between higher and lower-intensity dance sequences that get you moving, sweating, and smiling, this class embodies the infectious energy, expression, playfulness, and spice of Indian film. Please honor your body-mind and feel free to modify movements as needed.

Sandi Higgins is a yoga teacher, dance fitness teacher, performing artist, and creative wellness curator based in Boulder, Colorado. Prior to teaching, Sandi worked in the international film and media industry and was fortunate to meet artist Nina Paley over a dozen years ago when Sita Sings the Blues was first screening in NYC. Sandi formed Shanti with Sandi Llc during the Covid pandemic to create new educational activities, recreational experiences, and healthy opportunities for cultural enrichment rooted in the art, science, and service of Yoga.

Still images from Sita Sings The Blues (2008)

Fitness & Film aims to prioritize Public Health, Fitness, and Wellness in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic while also stimulating in-person cultural engagement and social dialogue through a celebration of the Art of Cinema.
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