taj-japaḥ tad-artha-bhāvanam

Through repetition of that syllable [Om] its purpose becomes realized.

– Yoga sūtras of Patañjali I.28

Sandi’s Chanting classes are for you if you are looking to cut through the discursiveness in your head by connecting with the serene grace of your heart through the non-judgmental awakening of your voice! Chanting cultivates the spirit of bhakti, or devotion, to that divine essence which is beyond our limited mind-body egos. In fact, all activities (not just yoga practice, but also walking, working, hiking, gardening, cooking, etc) can benefit from the practice of chanting because it aligns our actions with loving intentions and reminds us that we are actually deeply connected beyond the systems that temporarily divide us. If you can be open to using different names to praise the supreme (however you understand Him/Her/It or don’t understand Him/Her/It), then there is no need to worry about being a part of any religious or non-religious affiliation. The myriad names of the divine that are used in yoga chants recognize the myriad possible representations of divine love. As well, we can actually feel our connection to each other more vividly through chanting together. If you feel any hesitation about joining a group class, you can start with a private class to get individual attention and familiarity with some of the chants!

“A lot of nourishment for my soul!”

– Shahlo, New York College of Health Professions
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