Restorative Yoga: Form & Function

How to find integrity in the form when you don’t feel the strength to function?

Restorative Bakasana

Find support to contemplate your structure without the fear of it collapsing.

Restorative bakasana, for example, can help you feel the right actions to fully lift the lower body while balancing on the arms: flexion of hips, adduction of thighs, curving of the lower back, scapular protraction… and once you find this mandala of sensation, you can more intuitively move when the support is not there.


In restorative poses, we non-attach from “function” and contemplate “form”… such that we can then better integrate the form into its function and vice versa.

If only all of life could be like restorative yoga.

Align & Restore with me tomorrow at 10:30am and Ashtanga with me at 5:15pm at the Colorado Athletic Club Flatirons.

contemplating form with a very palpable sense of non-attachment to its function

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