Spring Cleaning: 1 Week Juice Cleanse

Change of season is a great time to cleanse and help the bodymind adjust, letting go of the old and welcoming the new. Juicing can help to rest the digestive system and eliminate toxins from many layers of our bodies. Knowledge and guidance going in and out of the cleanse is really important for getting started!

Thanks to Karen Ranzi of Super Healthy Children for the structure and guidance to complete this cleanse. It was the longest liquid diet I’ve done yet and having her group to do it with certainly helped me to motivate and prepare. In one week, I lost about 5 pounds and rediscovered the delicious energy of fresh juices!

Juicing is such a wonderful gift of rest and replenishment to give ourselves! It also prompted me to purchase a dehydrator in order to make juice pulp crackers (that look like they should be called “lawnmower crackers” but they taste kale chips) with the left over juice pulp.

Looking forward to the next juice cleanse at the turn to Autumn, but first a long Spring & Summer please ….



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