Coloring & Uncoloring the Mind

Yogis, Yoginis, Musicians, and All Creative Warriors: join us on Saturday, April 7th for a special Ashtanga Yoga class and classical Indian Music workshop! We are going to have some fun learning about Coloring & Uncoloring the Mind while connecting these two ancient traditions. So honored that Sitar maestro Purbayan Chatterjee will be joining us at Playful Yogi Space! Slightly terrified to accompany him for the music workshop on Tabla, but maybe I will play better with my legs behind my head. ; ) Travellers from NYC : feel free to message me if you have transportation questions. Nearby train stop is Pearl River and we can try to help you find a lift from and to the station if needed. See you soon!

Purbayan-Flyer-Apr72018 2


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