Coloring & Uncoloring the Mind

Yogis, Yoginis, Musicians, and All Creative Warriors: join us on Saturday, April 7th for a special Ashtanga Yoga class and classical Indian Music workshop! We are going to have some fun learning about Coloring & Uncoloring the Mind while connecting these two ancient traditions. So honored that Sitar maestro Purbayan Chatterjee will be joining us … Read moreColoring & Uncoloring the Mind

Spring Cleaning: 1 Week Juice Cleanse

Change of season is a great time to cleanse and help the bodymind adjust, letting go of the old and welcoming the new. Juicing can help to rest the digestive system and eliminate toxins from many layers of our bodies. Knowledge and guidance going in and out of the cleanse is really important for getting … Read moreSpring Cleaning: 1 Week Juice Cleanse

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Meditation Style

Tired of the same old drinking games? Come celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day (also my birthday) in a fresh meditative way! Join me for this workshop that explores the connection between traditional Buddhist Meditation on the 4 Sublime Abidings with the first chapter of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali.  We’ll take a dive into an … Read moreCelebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Meditation Style